What Lord Numb has done with Robots Need Love Too is taken the conventions of the pop song from different genres and merged it with more left-field sonic elements. It, at times, has the feel of dance-rock from the early to mid-1990s; but it also has a more jaded view of a future that never came, never developed into the utopian world we imagined, as opposed to the 1990s equivalent of drug-consumption and hedonism. There's a bitter-sweet mood to the songs and a slight melancholic air which imbues the album with images of a man pining for a past when the future seemed so optimistic. Numb, he ain't.ECHOES AND DUST : JULY 2013

Lord Numb, is our favourite kind of Mutant – a transgressive boundary hopper, true only to his vision, his creativity,  consolidating 4 decades of underground sounds into a radioactive gumbo. Robots Need Love Too is an intricate patchwork of Horror, Sci Fi, krautrock, new wave and anthemic rock ‘n roll. The pieces all fit together splendidly, and there’s some neat mixing moments as decades blend and morph, with an irreal dream logic.He’s also written the first big beat banger based on an M. R. James’ ghost story that i’m aware of, for which he deserves a metal. Other bands reading this, please make more Victorian electronica!Fans of Brian Eno, David Bowie, Devo, Kraftwerk, Neu!, Joy Division, New Order, Public Image Ltd., Chemical Brothers, Black Marble, wander into the wasteland with Lord Numb.FORESTPUNK 2013.



​Lord Numb- Talking of damn good...the marvy Mr Numb and his spanking riddim section. Taking the punchy techy end of '90s Fall, banging in some Kraftwerk, plenty of Bowie and some wig out guitar this is a fabulous concoction.

Lord Numb-  wistful almost pyschedelic vibes, like Word Of Twist but powered along by big dubby basslines, nice production, quite wobbly and space rocky, but with crisp synth lines and beats. So see also The Pre New then, noot to mention Bowie, Iggy and Bauhaus. And it’s got  hooks, hooks, hooks. More hooks than Peter Hook and Captain Hook tying hooks in Hook with a hooker. Bloody good work.

Lord Numb - Dark Electro Pop with a hot neo Glam Rock sensibility amidst the Bowie/Bauhaus/Kraftwerk cold wave drift. Searing hot songs fully dosed up with proper rock'n'roll chops and played tight, taut and tantalising by this fabulous 3 piece tour de force.